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Childhood Favorites, All Grown Up

Take a bite of nostalgia. As the weather cools off and we start to crave comfort food, we’re revisiting dishes we loved as kids … and asking our friends what recipes take them back to their best childhood food memories.

From the Athens Team: Mini Sloppy Joe Phyllo Cups

We grew up with this messy yet delicious weeknight meal. To modernize for a more adult palate, we’re making it mini and substituting the ground beef for turkey — a leaner, health-conscious spin for 2023. Need a bigger bite? Use our phyllo dough to create muffin tin sized cups. Then, fill ‘er up.



From @thewonkystove: No Churn Banana Ice Cream Phyllo Shells  

For our friend Anisa,  growing up in Brooklyn meant summers spent in Brighton Beach and Coney Island. No visit was complete without a crispy Belgian waffle and a banana ice cream after riding the bumper cars. To recreate this beloved treat, she fills crunchy phyllo shells with homemade no churn banana ice cream and tops with caramel corn, making a salty, sweet and easy dessert that tastes like summer (even when the temperatures drop).


From @doaaelkady_: Egyptian Phyllo Meat Pie

Phyllo meat pie is a delicious, savory Egyptian recipe and a staple at any gathering. Growing up, it was the first thing Doaa Elkady went for at any dinner party. Now her kids and their cousins fight over the last slice. This recipe re-envisions the classic into rolls instead of squares, coming together with less layering and time.



From @Mgracecreative_: Cream Cheese Phyllo Pockets with Roasted Pineapple

One of Dora Cavallo’s favorite desserts growing up was a pineapple and cream cheese danish that her mom made. Today, Dora swaps the dense pastry crust for flaky phyllo (ensuring the perfect filling to crust ratio) and canned pineapple for fresh. Roasting the pineapple before assembly enhances the natural sugars for a caramelized, rich taste of the tropics.


Have a nostalgic recipe you’d like to see our test kitchen reinvent? Tell us on social! For more recipe inspiration and kid classics all grown up, visit our Pinterest.