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Meet the Phyllo Fan

Sam Adler


What would you call your personal style of food?

Personally, I love to create food that looks impressive but didn’t take me all day to make in the kitchen. I love one-bowl desserts and using shortcuts with store-bought items and really dressing them up!

What gave you the inspiration for your phyllo dish?

I love a good cheesecake! It’s one of my favorite desserts to make. Strawberries are a great addition to this classic dessert.

How do you like to use Athens phyllo products in your kitchen?

I love wrapping anything in Athens phyllo products – they work so well with savory dishes like a spinach boureka and for sweet desserts like a breakfast hand pie!

Check out Sam’s newest phyllo recipe, Strawberry Phyllo Cheesecake, and learn how to make it step-by-step in her guest post on our blog!

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How Do I Layer Phyllo Dough?

The easiest way to layer phyllo sheets is to use cooking spray. Just place a sheet down and spray a light coating.

The traditional way uses melted butter or olive oil. Lay out one sheet of phyllo dough then lightly brush each layer, edges first before working your way into the center. It’s best to use a soft bristle brush for fewer tears.

See our “How to Layer Phyllo Dough” video for a handy how-to.

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Looking to Flake Up Your Usual pizza nights?

Try using phyllo dough instead of pizza dough for a fun, new twist.


Scroll through our tagged posts or explore #feelingflaky on Instagram for a bite of inspiration. Don’t forget to share your phyllo creations too!


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