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Meet the Phyllo Fan

Dora Cavallo

(Dora Cavallo)

Dora is a Food Photographer and Stylist based in Cleveland, Ohio.

What do you like most about phyllo?

The versatility! I love baking with it and also using it in savory recipes. Phyllo creates amazing texture and always looks impressive.

What gives you inspiration for your phyllo dishes?

Using phyllo in unexpected ways. Putting a twist on classic recipes and updating childhood favorites.

How do you describe your overall cooking philosophy? 

Don’t overthink it. Keep it simple and let the flavors and ingredients shine.


Winter Bites and Delights

All it takes is flaky phyllo and creativity to keep your bellies full and guests happy for the season.

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The Phyllo Kitchen

Straight from our kitchen to your table, we’ve got the recipes you need so you can make your meals flaky and delicious.

tips & tricks

How Do I Layer Phyllo Dough?

The easiest way to layer phyllo sheets is to use cooking spray. Just place a sheet down and spray a light coating.

The traditional way uses melted butter or olive oil. Lay out one sheet of phyllo dough then lightly brush each layer, edges first before working your way into the center. It’s best to use a soft bristle brush for fewer tears.

See our “How to Layer Phyllo Dough” video for a handy how-to.

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how-toWhip Up a Gourd-geous Bite

Mix. Spoon. Garnish. With crispy phyllo cups and your favorite toppings, it’s easy to get that pumpkin pie taste without ever touching the oven.

Wondering How Others Like to Use Athens Phyllo?

Scroll through our tagged posts or explore #feelingflaky on Instagram for a bite of inspiration. Don’t forget to share your phyllo creations too!

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