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7 Creative & Delicious Ways to Use Your Thanksgiving Leftovers

The holiday season is often paired with many wonderful emotions and memories; families across America are getting ready to spend quality time with loved ones near and far. It also makes me want to grab an apron and dust off those traditional family recipes – favorites that put a smile on loved ones’ faces for Thanksgiving Day and the days following.

Because my entire family comes into town for Thanksgiving, we make it an extended holiday with a bonus “7 Days of Leftovers.” We love the traditional Thanksgiving meal, but we also like to take it to the next level by repurposing all those delicious leftovers.

Over the years, our family has come up with our post-Thanksgiving dishes that we look forward to just as much as the Thanksgiving Day meal, and I can’t wait to share them with you and your family!

Since you’ve already cooked all of the food, the hard part is over. Now it’s time to throw on your favorite sweatpants, grab some Athens® Phyllo Dough and Mini Phyllo Shells from your grocer’s freezer case (near the desserts), and watch these simple and tasty dishes come together in no time.

Phyllo dough makes the holidays just a little easier by helping you spend less time in the kitchen and more time enjoying the moments with friends and family – and might even give you a little extra time for Black Friday shopping. Remember, you can always tweak these recipes and put a personal spin on them. So get inspired to create something all your own. (And if you do, please share your wonderful creations on Facebook – just be sure to tag Athens Foods.)

Here are the ones I’m planning on making this year (check them out below) …

And a few others that I know you will love!:

Go ahead … Enjoy!

Leftover Makeover #1: Phyllo Sweet Potato Triangles

Mmm, mmm, mmm … sweet potatoes – always a crowd favorite. Nothing says Thanksgiving like a good, old-fashioned sweet potato pie. (Well, maybe turkey, too.) But I’ll bet you’ve never had sweet potatoes like this before!

The smooth, buttery brown sugar flavors shine through in this perfect finger food. These are an easy way to use leftover sweet potatoes. I like these so much, I purposely make extra!

After preparing, you can freeze these bad boys for later, or indulge right away. This simple recipe is as easy as filling with leftover sweet potatoes and wrapping them up.

Then, simply bake, and never let good sweet potatoes go to waste again!

Watch the video here! »

Leftover Makeover #2: Phyllo Egg Brunch Casserole

PhylloEggBrunchCasseroleGot turkey?

After braving all the Black Friday sales this year, it’s nice to come home to a delicious, warm and flaky Phyllo Egg Brunch Casserole.

It’s so easy, and the best part is that you can make it ahead of time, and then just bake when needed! This recipe is easy to put your own spin on or switch out ingredients you have on hand.

Leftover Makeover #3: Phyllo Turkey Gobblers

Phyllo Turkey Gobblers


It’s time to graduate from the plain-old turkey sandwich to something much more delectable. These Phyllo Turkey Gobblers are perfect for a grab-and-go lunch or easy dinner sandwiches.

They only take 15 minutes to prep and can be frozen in an airtight container until you are ready to bake! For even more deliciousness, save your extra gravy to dunk into or drizzle over.

Leftover Makeover #4: Loaded Potato Phyllo Shells


Who says mashed potatoes aren’t good leftovers?

They pair perfectly with crispy cups made with Athens Phyllo Dough. Fill these Phyllo cups with potatoes, cheddar cheese, bacon, turkey and scallions. Feel free to substitute the toppings with your favorites – a great way to repurpose that veggie tray. (Broccoli and cheese, anyone?)

These Loaded Potato Phyllo Shells are an amazing side with any dinner! If you don’t have time to make the shell – just substitute Athens Mini Phyllo Shells like I did here … the options are endless!

Fill Mini Phyllo Shells as you put away your leftovers for a tasty treat the next day.

Or mix and match for an awesome appetizer!


Leftover Makeover #5: Ham and Herbed Cheese Phyllo Shells

It doesn’t matter if you have leftover carved ham or ham from a deli tray – these tiny, tasty bites are the easiest way to repurpose leftovers for all of the weekend games.

Ham and Herbed Cheese Phyllo Shells take only 20 minutes to make – and let’s just say they are the perfect way to “kick off” the weekend. I made them with ham, but they would be just as tasty made with any leftover meat – check out some of the tasty combos below, and get creative with your leftovers!

  • Ham + Boursin Garlic and Herb Cheese + Hot Sauce
  • Chicken + Blue Cheese + Buffalo Sauce
  • Turkey + Swiss Cheese + Honey Mustard

Leftover Makeover #6: Ham And Cheese Quiche

If you are anything like me, you always end up with a few family members or good friends who decide to relax at your place after the holidays. My favorite way to let them know that I’m closing down shop for the night is to kindly pack up some wonderful leftovers and let them know that they are ready for them when they head out. (It works every time.)

One of my favorites is the Ham and Cheese Quiche. I send them with two boxes of Mini Phyllo Shells and a container of the filling that they can just spoon in and bake the next day. The filling takes 15 minutes to prepare and can be made with leftover ingredients from your veggie tray.

I may or may not call it the “Kick ‘Em Out Quiche”

Mini Phyllo Pecan TartsLeftover Makeover #7: Mini Phyllo Pecan Tarts

If your pecan pie supply seems never-ending, or you’re left with pie filling and not enough crust, whip up this yummy little dessert that can be frozen or eaten over the next few days. Bite-sized Mini Phyllo Pecan Tarts are delicious and perfect with a steaming cup of coffee. There are only seven ingredients – BUT you can use leftover pie filling or the “ooey gooey” remains of the pies that you have left behind.