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Fa La La Phyllo Fun!

Santa may have an army of elves at the North Pole to help him prepare for the holidays, but unfortunately we don’t all have this luxury. With the hustle and bustle of the holidays, it’s easy to see why trends like artificial Christmas trees and pre-made wreaths are so popular.

On top of working and raising my kids, I also need to prepare for all the festivities this season brings, so, sometimes it’s nice to skip a step or two, isn’t it?

So often, the step I find myself skipping is the most important one – spending quality time with my family. Not this year!

At Athens, we understand the importance of traditions, old and new. We know that life has gotten busier over the years, so you don’t have an unlimited amount of time for baking. So, whip out your favorite apron and lets get to it.

Here’s a list of recipes that are easy and fun to make for the holidays!

For the Kids: 

For the Adults: 


For The Kids …

Dulce De Leche Reindeer Phyllo Tarts

With only seven ingredients – this has to be the most fun recipe to make with the kids! It’s SO easy!

All you have to do is fill the shells with the Dulce de Leche mixture and then decorate.

The mix of sweet and salty is incredible.

I’m still not sure who ate more of these – the kids or me!

Watch Video Here

Peppermint Christmas Tree Mini Shells

How cute are these! It only takes six ingredients to make these adorable little desserts.

While they might look like they are filled with icing, it’s actually a mixture of cream cheese and marshmallow cream (it’s an amazing combination – trust me).

We decorated these super simple, but the opportunities are endless – from sprinkle ornaments to licorice lights – you can really let your creativity loose with these.

This would be a really great project if you have a lot of little kids coming over for the holidays. Just fill and then let them decorate!

You could even hand out a prize for the best decorated tree!

Get Recipe and Watch Video Here

Santa In Phyllo Sleigh

Now that you have your reindeer and your trees – the only thing missing is the big guy SANTA!

Our Santa snack is a little more complex with 10 ingredients (but totally worth it).

Once Santa is done you can start to build your own little North Pole.

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Now For The Adults …

Champagne Phyllo Toast

This delightful treat uses eight ingredients and one of them is CHAMPAGNE. Cheers to this recipe!

Champagne Phyllo Toast is a wonderful recipe for any holiday and is a great way to get the party started – and keeps it going.

Garnish with fresh berries – your guests will love them!

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Eggnog Mini Phyllo Cups

So if you thought it couldn’t get any better than the eight ingredients and Champagne – I’m about to blow your mind. This one calls for six ingredients and one of them is RUM!

Make a party platter with these and the Champagne cups for a unique spin on the traditional cocktail table.

Sweet and spicy in one decadent little bite. Get Recipe




Have your taste buds kicked into overdrive yet? Luckily for you, we have quite the list of additional holiday recipes. Check them out here.