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Aleka’s DIY Phyllo Lunch Kits

Kick those pre-packaged, lunch kits to the curb this school year! Learn how you can make your own homemade lunch kits. Aleka from Bite Sized Kitchen blog shares her DIY-approach using our phyllo shells that enables you to make lunches that are healthier and more adaptable. Read on for some fun ideas just in time for school!

As a kid, lunch kits looked so delicious and fun to me! I used to be jealous of the kids in the school cafeteria who had them. But now that I’m a parent, the high sodium and saturated fats that lunch kits often contain has turned me away from wanting to give them to my kids. So fellow parents, why not make our own lunch kits using simple ingredients from our pantries and leftovers from our fridges? This way, we can feel less guilty about we’re feeding our kids and waste less food! It’s a win-win!


lunch kits - phyllo shells

Making Homemade Lunch Kits

When it comes to lunch kits, you can make your own rules! Use any items you have stocked in the fridge or pantry! Try using up some leftovers in their lunches. And if they get too bored of eating the same thing, change it up a bit using Phyllo Shells as a “vessel” in their lunch kits. Yes, those cute little “cups” made out of phyllo dough! They come ready to fill right out of the package – no need to bake or reheat! Plus, they stay super crispy, flaky and are perfectly bite sized.

Adding and layering ingredients into phyllo shells is super easy. I love how convenient it is to pull a pack of them out of the freezer in the morning so that they thaw out nicely before lunchtime!

My go-to brand for phyllo shells is Athens Foods. The shells I use below are their traditional shells, but they also sell Graham Cracker Flavored Phyllo Shells and Chocolate Flavored Phyllo Shells! (Dessert lunch box anyone?)


lunch kit - tacos - phyllo kitchenWhat You Need For Your Lunch Kits

The first thing you need is a cute tupperware container that allows you to easily organize all the components of your lunch kits. Doing this will make the lunch kit easy to store in your fridge and take it on-the-go!

The next thing you need is a vessel. In the store-bought lunch kits, this is usually those crackers or round “pizza crusts”. Kids can pile ingredients on top the vessel to make their own “sandwiches” or “mini pizzas”. Rather than using crackers or bread, you can use one of the following:

But I’ve found that there’s no better vessel for all kinds of DIY lunch kits than phyllo shells. They’re flaky, easy to fill, and contain no trans-fat. At only 15 calories per shell, they are a simple healthy choice that even the pickiest eaters will love. Plus, of all of these choices, they are the only ones that are concaveenabling kids to fill them up without making a huge mess! This is why I love them for lunch kits.

Next, you need toppings. Grab whatever you have in the fridge or pantry that may work. From meats to cheese to veggies – the possibilities are endless! Read on for some ideas to get you started.


lunch kits - taco shells - phyllo kitchenLunch Kit Idea #1: DIY Tacos

I love this lunch kit idea! Why? Because I can use up all of the leftover taco meat we have after Taco Night! Kids will love building their own mini taco shells. Use the meat as the base and top with some shredded cheese, tomatoes, and lettuce. You can try throwing in some taco sauce too if your kid is a fan.




Lunch Kit Idea #2: DIY Pizzas

Pizza lunch kits are probably the most popular lunch kits out there. I mean, what kid doesn’t love pizza? They’re quick to put together even on the busiest of days! Just grab some shredded cheese and pepperoni from the fridge, a can of marinara sauce from the pantry, and a box of Athens® Phyllo Shells from the freezer. Voila! Your DIY pizza lunch kit is ready to be assembled.




Other Lunch Kit Ideas for Kids

Don’t stop at tacos and pizza, there’s so much more you can create! For example, you can create mini ham and cheese sandwiches by adding slices of ham and shredded cheese for mini ham and cheese sandwiches. Or try making bite-sized fajitas by layering shredded chicken, sour cream, peppers, and onions together!

Another great thing about Athens® Phyllo Shells  is how well they pair with sweet fillings and savory fillings too! For a sweet surprise for your child, try throwing some peanut butter and jelly in their containers with a few shells or maybe some marshmallow fluff and chocolate sauce. All kids love a sweet treat after lunch!

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