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Healthy-ish Recipes to Reignite Your Resolutions

After months of comfort food, holiday parties and calorie-laden desserts, January 1 was the day we resolved to get back on track. For most of us, our aggressively fit New Year’s resolutions are distant memories by the time mid-February rolls around. That doesn’t mean we have to give up all together though! After all, moderation is everything. And with a few simple swaps, there’s no need to forego favorite recipes.

A Twist On The Bread Basket

Real talk: we love a crusty hunk of baguette slathered in butter or dunked in extra virgin olive oil. What we don’t love is filling up on a ton of empty carbs before dinner. For a satisfying appetizer that doesn’t sacrifice flavor or crunch, make a batch of these garlic phyllo straws. Equal parts savory and crispy, these not-quite-breadsticks bake up fast — and keep for a few days.

A Crispy Take On A Classic Comfort Food

Chicken pot pie doesn’t skimp on rich ingredients … especially when it comes to its hearty pastry lid. To create a healthier take on a heavy dish, we reduced the butter, upped the veggies, and swapped in low-fat phyllo for dense pastry dough. The result is an easy, elegant chicken pot pie that’s just as comforting as you’d expect — but far more nutritious.

A Less Sweet Treat

Dessert gives us life. After a particularly stressful week (or, if we’re honest, a run-of-the-mill-Tuesday), sometimes a sugary pick-me-up is the only thing that will make the world right. That said, no one needs the guilt that comes with overindulging. Practice instant portion control with these simple mandarin and honey yogurt cups. For a showstopper that cuts down on the butter and sugar, give this apple and phyllo galette a whirl. No matter how you slice it (or fold it, layer it or twist it), phyllo can help sate your cravings without padding your waistline. And BTW, you’ll love the light crispy texture!

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