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Live a Little Greener

Given the choice between french fries and kale salad, we’ll choose the fries every time. Golden, crispy, perfectly seasoned, there are few things better than a perfect potato fresh from the deep fryer. There are also few things worse for your waistline (or heart health). Our solution? Keep the green stuff, but add a golden crunch with low-fat, low calorie phyllo. We’ve rounded up a few favorite recipes that make vegetables not only more palatable, but also more delicious — no deep fryer required.

For Peeps Who Love A Popper

Unlike many bite-sized apps, these roasted vegetable phyllo puffs won’t weigh you down. While this recipe calls for a medley of peppers, onions and squash, feel free to customize these nutritious bundles with whatever you like. Swap in jalapeno and chopped broccoli florets for a spicy green kick, or add kalamata olives and capers for a Mediterranean flair.

For The Weeknight Pizza Lovers

Sneak a thick layer of spinach between a lightened up crust and part-skim cheese for a healthier take on a classic dish. This Greek pizza has all the hallmarks of a great pie … minus the extra calories. The best part? Assembly is quick, and the cook time is under 30 minutes.


For Picky Tots

If your children turn up their noses at any and all things green, give these clever phyllo wraps a whirl. When you swaddle veggies in a layer of flaky phyllo and a light spread of melty cheese, you’ve got a recipe for success. These fun roll-ups are the ideal disguise for vitamin packed asparagus spears — just trim the ends.


No matter how you stuff it, our low-fat phyllo dough is a delicious vehicle for your vegetables. Experiment, and let us know what combinations you like best! And by the way, you’ll love the crunch!