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Holiday Treats From Around the World

Every year, we look forward to sharing meals with family, passing down recipes to the next generation, and getting busy in the kitchen. Being home for the holidays is a good feeling … and a universal one. Here’s what food traditions look like across the globe. Introduce these new recipes to your holiday table for a festive week of worldwide flavors at home.

New Zealand Style Pavlovas

Christmas in the summer? If you live in the Southern Hemisphere, yes! Made of piped meringue and topped with fresh kiwi and strawberry, this New Zealand favorite serves up holiday red and green with a “Kiwi” twist.


Greek Bougatsa Rolls

If you’ve got a house full of guests, these traditional custard-filled phyllo rolls make great breakfast pastries. Prepare the custard the night before (place plastic wrap directly on the custard so it doesn’t form a skin), then fill, roll and bake the next morning. Serve fresh from the oven with plenty of powdered sugar!


Turron de Navidad Shells

In our recipe, a classic Spanish candy gets a crunchy phyllo twist. Toasted almonds suspend in a rich honey caramel for a quick, festive dessert.


Chinese Mango Pudding Phyllo Tarts

Creamy, brightly flavored mango pudding is a fresh counterpart to a heavy holiday meal. When available, we like to use Champagne mangoes (also called Ataulfo mangoes) — they’re golden, softer and a little sweeter than their larger green and red cousins. However, ripe mangoes of any variety, are sure to please!


North African Burbara Shells

Burbara, a traditional porridge recipe from the Middle East and North Africa, is a wonderful blend of spices, dried fruit and wheat. We serve it up in phyllo shells for maximum crunch and snackability.


Coquito Phyllo Tarts

Eggnog’s tropical sister, Coquito is an iconic coconut-cream based rum drink enjoyed throughout Puerto Rico during the holidays. We took all the great creamy, “coconutty”, rum infused flavors of Coquito and created irresistible mini phyllo tarts that will disappear before your eyes.

From sweet snacks to decadent desserts, international cuisine relies on phyllo. Our versatile dough can help you explore holiday treats from every corner of the world. So, where will your tastebuds travel this holiday?

Be sure to check out our other festive holiday recipes and our Pinterest page for even more inspiration. And don’t forget to tag us in all your phyllo masterpieces on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our feed. Here’s to the most wonderful time of the year!