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Our Guide for The Big Game

Go The Distance.

Fire up your crowd with game day eats they’ll remember long after the confetti falls.

Sure, you want the food at your party to be easy and casual. But let’s be honest: you also want to impress your guests. Lucky for you, phyllo’s crispy flakes go hand-in-hand with casual party fare. With our recipes, tips and tricks, you’ll be ready to host a game day bash that’s as memorable as it is effortless.

Tip #1: Buffet +  Big Screen = Match Made In Heaven.

This is the one time of year that getting up during a commercial break means you’ll miss something major. Whether your guests prefer the ball game or the brand names, it’s imperative to keep the food near the action. Set up your spread on the coffee table or a nearby table — just make sure the TV is always in the line of sight. A cooler of ice and a few liters of chilled soda (or, you know, other libations) keeps refills close at hand.

Tip #2: Bite-Size Snacks Make For Less Mess.

Football fans aren’t exactly known for their impeccable manners. And when you’re glued to the TV, the chances that you miss your mouth go up exponentially. Keep sloppy snackers at bay with one-bite apps. For a perfect party popper, try our easy broccoli and cheese phyllo cups (because all vegetables taste better when slathered in sharp yellow cheddar). For a flaky, funky twist on an old classic, Rotel® and shredded swiss make a delicious phyllo shell filling — and prevent precarious dipping.

Tip #3: Go Long On Variety.

For every person who wants to fill up on junk food, there’s another who’s paleo/gluten-free/vegetarian/keto/healthier than thou. For the friends who want to watch their waistlines, low-calorie phyllo is the perfect light indulgence. Serve white bean tahini dip and phyllo chips as a healthy alternative to onion dip and oil-laden potato chips. For a fresh take on dessert, go with these coconut banana mini phyllo cream pies. Or, for a treat with the perfect blend of sweet and salty, try our team spirit peanut butter phyllo minis and decorate them to match your team’s colors!

Tip #4: Don’t Out-kick Your Coverage.

Parties are meant to be fun, not stressful. Find recipes you can make ahead and put out when company arrives — a taco bar allows you to chop and assemble ingredients in advance. To further cut down on prep, buy a couple pre-made dips or desserts, and plan for snacks that taste great at room temp. These Baba blossoms are just as delicious at kickoff as they are deep into the 4th quarter. Have friends who want to contribute? Tell them what you need, whether it’s ice, extra snacks or their famous chocolate chip cookie recipe. After all, they’re offering to help! And you have a game to watch.

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