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5 Easy & Flavorful Vegan Recipes for Anytime

Vegan recipes get a bad rap for being time-consuming, complicated and bland. We’re here to change that with smart ideas you can whip up whenever. Unlike pastry dough, phyllo isn’t made with eggs and dairy. Use oil or cooking spray between the layers, and you’ve got a vegan dough base for everything from tacos to tarts. 

Vegan Friendly Recipe - Crispy Tofu TacosCrispy Tofu Tacos

Tofu makes a great addition to your taco bar, while phyllo upgrades traditional tortillas with more flake and flavor. In the mood for breakfast? Swap the tofu for soy chorizo, black beans and egg substitute. No matter what time of day you cook, don’t sleep on our creamy chipotle sauce — it’s the real star of this recipe.


Vegan Friendly Recipe - Roasted Vegetable GaletteRoasted Vegetable Galette

Traditional pastry dough is laden with butter. We use phyllo and olive oil instead to make a gorgeous galette base for a variety of roasted veggies. We added Indian spice here, but you could just as easily give this a French flair with herbes de Provence and a bit of fresh rosemary.


Vegan Friendly Recipe - Raspberry Phyllo TurnoversRaspberry Phyllo Dough Turnovers

One part Toaster strudel, one part fruit pie, all handheld and delicious. You’ll love these raspberry turnovers for breakfast, brunch or dessert. This recipe relies on vegan cream cheese for the filling — you should be able to find it in the traditional dairy case at most large grocery stores.


Vegan Friendly Recipe - Balsamic Cucumber CanapesBalsamic Cucumber Mini Shell Canapes

A healthy party snack that satisfies all your guests? Yes please. These shells are a light, welcome addition to the usual cream dips and mini meatballs you find at showers and celebrations.


Vegan Friendly Recipe - Vegan SpanakopitaVegan Spanakopita

You don’t have to give up your favorite Greek treat just because you’ve changed your diet. We make spanakopita possible with raw cashews and more veggies. Use our dough for classic triangles or spoon the filling into Athens shells for a quick snack.

Whether you need Meatless Monday ideas or you’re a full-time vegan, we hope these meat and dairy free recipes will give you some creative new ideas of what to cook next! Check out our Pinterest for even more inspiration.