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6 Air Fryer Friendly Phyllo Recipes

The saying goes, “If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen.” We say, if you can’t stand the heat, crank up the air fryer. These six recipes are designed with the air fryer in mind, meaning you can stay cool and still enjoy that golden phyllo crunch. Plus, using an air fryer will save you time and make cleanup easy.

air fryer phyllo recipe - reubenFast Flaky Phyllo Reuben Sandwich

This unfussy Reuben roll-up is the ideal size and shape for dunking in thousand island dressing. The trick to stellar results? Once you’ve laid your corned beef, sauerkraut and swiss down on the phyllo, roll it up, but not too tight. This will keep your Reuben from bursting.



air fryer recipe - chipotle bacon avocado phyllo bitesChipotle Bacon Avocado Phyllo Bites

This morning’s leftover bacon becomes this afternoon’s ultimate afterschool snack. With just a little chopping, a little mixing and three minutes in the air fryer, these yummy phyllo snacks come together in no time.



Chicken Mango Phyllo Purseschicken mango phyllo purses - air fryer recipe

These phyllo purses plus a simple summer salad = a weeknight dinner we’ve got on repeat. Shred rotisserie chicken, add diced mango and a few fixings, and then bundle in phyllo. For best results, don’t overcrowd your air fryer — you may need to work in two batches.



pecan cardamom phyllo rolls - air fryer recipePecan Cardamom Phyllo Rolls

Fragrant spiced pecans. Crispy phyllo. Honey syrup. What’s not to like? These pecan rolls are a fun take on baklava but come together faster. For an over-the-top treat, we particularly like them served with a scoop of peach ice cream.



air fryer recipe - tropical triangles phyllo mangoTropical Triangles with Mango Coconut Sauce

These turnovers taste like summer, but you can make them any time. Mangoes can be harvested year-round in parts of the U.S., and bananas are easy to find at your local grocer even in the coldest months. Make this recipe now and in mid-February when you’d give anything for a tropical vacay.



spanakopita trianglesAthens Pre-made Spanakopita

Want maximum flavor with minimum effort? We’ve got you covered. Find our spanakopita in the freezer aisle, and then air fry for 12-15 minutes until warmed through and crispy. Serve with store-bought tzatziki or romesco sauce for dunking.


Keep in mind air fryer temperatures can vary a bit depending on the brand. So, remember to keep a close eye while you air fry! For even more ways to air fry your way to phyllo greatness, head to our Pinterest page.  And if you get creative with your air fryer, let us know! We’d love to hear about what recipes you’re reimagining to be oven-free.