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Favorite Flavors, Just in the Nick of Time

Just in time for the holidays, our chocolate and graham cracker phyllo shells are back on shelves. These are a go-to for any holiday potluck … and taste great when you just want to stay in and snack (this time of year, the joy of missing out is real). No matter whether you’re sharing or keeping these tasty treats all to yourself, we’ve got some incredible new recipes that make the most of our sweet new flavors.

Nutella Honey Goat Cheese Tartletsnutella honey goat cheese tartlets - athens foods - phyllo kitchen blog - chocolate and graham cracker : sounds unusual, tastes amazing.  The goat cheese adds an unexpected tang to crowd-pleasing Nutella. Round out the medley of flavors with our graham cracker shells for a snack you can scale.



Ricotta Phyllo TartsRicotta Phyllo Tarts - phyllo kitchen blog - chocolate and graham cracker : choose your own adventure with these cheesecake-ish but better desserts. Chocolate and graham cracker shells make for a sweet crunchy crust, while you can go any number of ways with a fresh fruit topper. We used raspberries in our recipe, but figs, blueberries or a sliver of candied orange would all be delicious!



chocolate and graham cracker phyllo shells - apple bacon tartsApple and Bacon Phyllo Tarts: another entry in the savory & sweet category, these apple and bacon bites taste great in our traditional or graham cracker shells. The subtle cinnamon plays off the tartness of the apples and natural sugar in the caramelized onion.




Sweet Potato Phyllo Tartssweet potato tart - phyllo kitchen blog - chocolate and graham cracker : whether you use our traditional or graham cracker shells, these tarts are a satisfying complement to a Thanksgiving feast or just a regular ol’ Tuesday night dinner. They bake up fast so you can spend less time in the kitchen and more time celebrating the season.




Pecans, Cherries & Vodka Phyllo Brie Bitespecan cherry vodka brie phyllo bites - phyllo kitchen blog - chocolate and graham cracker: a little savory, a little sweet, this simple appetizer comes together in minutes — and is ideal for an adults-only cocktail party.





How will you use our chocolate and graham cracker phyllo shells? Comment on our Facebook or Instagram accounts and let us know what recipe combinations you’re dreaming up. Or, go to our Pinterest page for even more inspiration. Oh, and if you’re wondering where to find these special shells, head to the Where to Buy section of our site.