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Phyllo Shells: A Snacking Staple!

As we’ve all been staying home more often, snacks and quick bites have taken on new importance. Whether you need a midmorning pick-me-up, a late-night sweet tooth fix, or a 3 p.m. hangry helper, you can pair our phyllo shells with basic pantry staples for satisfying results.

snack - brie and red pepper jelly bites

The “It’s too late for breakfast and too early for lunch” snack

Hey, we get it: it’s not really brunch if it doesn’t come with a mimosa and a sunny outdoor patio. If you’re home and just need something to tide you over, these easy bites will do the trick:

  • Store-bought egg salad, chicken salad, or any other deli go-to plus a crispy shell can satisfy your craving for crunchy and creamy
  • Jam. Done. These brie and red pepper jelly bites are a fun take on classic toast
  • If a bagel feels like way too much bread, pop your lox and cream cheese in a shell for a lighter bite


snacks - veggie hummus phyllo shellsThe “Please feed me” afternoon snack

If you’re anything like us, you’re no stranger to experiencing the afternoon snack attack. You’ve been working all day, dinner is nowhere in sight … and you need food now. Here’s what to make.

For a twist on a classic PB&J, give these PB & fruit cups a whirl


snack - lite bites phyllo shells

The “I just want a little something sweet” snack

Sometimes, a square of dark chocolate just won’t cut it. These quick desserts take just a few minutes to whip together, but the results will help you go to bed happy.

  • Microwaved caramel dip, whipped cream, diced apples and a sprinkle of cinnamon create an easy take on a more complicated pie à la mode
  • And by the same token, fudge sauce + refrigerated whipped topping + a few berries sprinkled on top = a fancy fruit tart in no time!
  • For a late night treat that you can feel good about, these fruity lite bites pack a protein punch from cottage cheese and antioxidant-rich berries


Whatever you make, make it in a phyllo shell! From apples & peanut butter to deli salads & dips to your favorite cheese, they’re the perfect vehicle for pantry or fridge items you likely already have on hand. And for even more snack-time ideas, head to our Pinterest page!