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The Tastes of Summer: Fruit & Herb Pairings

Don’t be afraid to pick up those eye-catching herbs from the farmer’s market this season! There are countless ways to combine all of the fresh, seasonal fruits of summer with delicious herbal additions to create a dynamic pairing. Whether you’re craving a quick snack or were tasked with bringing the ultimate finger food to next week’s backyard BBQ, these flavor-packed shells will have you completely covered. We collaborated with our friend Doaa, the masterful food photographer & stylist behind @asoulfulkitchen, to craft these simple recipes using minimal ingredients.

Summer Phyllo Shell Recipe - Apricot Granola CupsApricot Granola Cups

Brighten up the beginning of your day with this quirky combo of apricot and lavender. Ready in under 10 minutes, your mouth and morning routine will thank you.



Summer Phyllo Shell Recipe - Dressed-Up Chicken Salad CupsDressed-Up Chicken Salad Cups

Store-bought doesn’t mean sacrificing flavor. Combining your favorite pre-made chicken salad with a subtly sweet mix of grapes, celery, raisins and tarragon makes for an anytime snack that’s both easy and delicious.



Summer Phyllo Shell Recipe - Scallop Ceviche with Mango Salsa CupsScallop Ceviche with Mango Salsa Cups

What’s summer without scallops? Get that sweet & spicy flavor you’ve been craving with these zesty mango-cilantro salsa cups. They’ll become the star of any cookout.



Summer Phyllo Shell Recipe - Blueberry Thyme Goat Cheese CupsBlueberry-Thyme Goat Cheese Cups

Unexpected pairs are often the sweetest and this blend of blueberry, thyme, and goat cheese is no exception. Vegetarian-friendly and surprisingly savory, this recipe is a robust addition to a summer charcuterie spread.



Summer Phyllo Shell Recipe - Lemongrass Coconut Creme CupsLemongrass Coconut Crème Phyllo Cups

Add a lemongrass twist to a classic pie flavor with these uniquely scrumptious coconut phyllo cups. This refreshing bite-sized dessert provides the ultimate burst of flavor with a satisfying crunch.



Brimming with inspiration? After making the phyllo flavor combination of your dreams, be sure to share your creation with us on Instagram and check out our Pinterest page for even more recipes!