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Vegan, Veggie & Pescatarian Recipes

Looking to reduce your consumption of meat and animal products? You don’t have to give up pastry. Our phyllo is naturally egg and dairy free — meaning you can make delicious dinners and desserts without having to give up the crispy golden crunch of freshly baked dough.

vegan tropical cartVegan Desserts

When it feels like every dessert recipe you look at involves half a pound of butter, a cup of milk and eight eggs, turn to phyllo. Our cardamom and black plum pie is elegant, easy, and appetizing no matter what you do or don’t eat. It’s also insanely flexible — any combination of stone fruit and spices works here. Try cinnamon and peach or apricot and ginger for a fresh twist on a summer classic. Speaking of warmer temps, we also love these vegan tropical tarts — cream of coconut and citrus zest combine for a cheesecake-like bite that’s the perfect end note to dinner on the grill.


slice of zucchini baklava phylloVegetarian Mains

You don’t need animal protein to make a complete meal. These dishes are so filling (and make such great leftovers) that you may consider turning Meatless Monday into a Meatless Tuesday or Wednesday too. For a hearty, nutrient-packed dinner, make Southern Living’s Skillet Vegetable Pie. You’ll love this mix of broccolini, squash and mushrooms swaddled in crunchy phyllo. For another dish that makes the most of bright green veg, layer together a giant dish of zucchini baklava.


salmon florentine phyllo rollsAnytime Pescatarian Bites

For the fish lovers, we’ve got recipes that work whether you’re making a light bite for yourself or heavy hors d’oeuvres for a crowd. Our spring-roll-but-better Asian shrimp sticks are a zingy precursor to a Far East inspired dinner party menu. And because forks are the worst when you’re trying to mingle, we also recommend these salmon Florentine rolls, these scallop & sweet potato bites, and these tequila lime shrimp cups.

Whether you’re cooking to meet a new diet choice or you just want to cut back on the amount of meat and dairy you consume in a week, phyllo can help you add a crispy touch to your meals. Check out our Pinterest boards and recipe library for even more recipe ideas!