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Best of 2019: Recipes Our Readers Liked Best

We’re counting down our most liked, shared and clicked on recipes of 2019. There are repeat favorites on this list — classics like spanakopita and cherry turnovers — as well as new favorites like berry tartlets and baklava cups. Read on for our most popular dishes of 2019.

Gibanica (Phyllo Cheese Pie)best of 2019 - gibanica phyllo cheese pie
It’s hard to beat cheese, melted butter and more cheese. This mainstay of Southern European cuisine is perfect for brunch, lunch or dinner. To brighten things up, pair with a heap of arugula or mixed greens with a lemon vinaigrette.



Baklava Cupsbest of 2019 - baklava phyllo shell cups
Get the taste of traditional baklava in half the time. These little cups pack a major flavor punch.





Easy Berry Tartletsbest of 2019 - easy berry tartlets - athens phyllo shells
Whenever our graham cracker shells hit shelves for the holidays — people can’t get enough. This simple recipe from Serena Wolf combines cinnamon-y flavor with fresh berries, velvety mascarpone and zesty lemon for the perfect easy dessert.




Petite Cheesecakesbest of 2019 - petite cheesecakes phyllo cups
Homemade cheesecake is complicated. These baby cheesecakes are easy — and can be topped with everything from berries and lemon zest to chocolate chips and salted caramel.




Phyllo Ro*Tel Cupsbest of 2019 - phyllo rotel cups
Bacon makes everything better. Perfect for tailgates and afternoon snacks, these cheesy Ro*Tel packed shells whip up in under 20 minutes.




Spanakopita Trianglesbest of 2019 - spanakopita spinach and cheese triangles
Spinach. Cheese. Phyllo. ‘Nuff said. It’s hard to go wrong with this quintessential combo!




Mini Phyllo Pecan Tartsbest of 2019 - mini pecan phyllo tarts
These bite-size pecan tarts only use a handful of ingredients and are ready to devour in just 20 minutes. Try them and you’ll see why everyone makes them over and over again.




Cherry Phyllo Turnoverbest of 2019 - cherry phyllo turnover
You can’t go wrong with a classic like cherry pie. This turnover version uses only two-ingredients, making them easy, as well, pie to create.




Raspberry Turnoverbest of 2019 - raspberry phyllo turnovers
These turnovers are reminiscent of the fruit-filled toaster strudels you loved as a kid – but are so much better (and healthier too)! Vegan cream cheese lends a satisfying creaminess to them. You’ll never know there’s no dairy.



Baklavabest of 2019 - baklava
The OG dessert. We’re not surprised to see baklava at the top of the list. After all, some things just never get old.




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