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Five-Star Snacks for Binge-Watching

Staying in to binge-watch has become everyone’s new favorite pastime. Whether it’s every romantic comedy under the sun or you spend the night captivated by your favorite dramas, have the perfect snack on hand for any genre.

Falling Head Over Heels for Romantic Comedies?

Love those sentimental, romantic moments in rom-coms? Pair them with sweet phyllo treats! Settle in for a night of dreamy glances with nutella and brie fruit phyllo tarts, chuckle over charming meet-cutes with peanut butter fruit dip phyllo cups, and sob at those heartfelt moments with chocolate dipped strawberries.


Ready to Burst into Action?

You’ve gotten ‘the call’ and you’re watching every single explosion-filled, adrenaline-inducing show you can. Enjoy the fights, wild car chases, and death-defying stunts with buffalo wing phyllo bites, quick mini cheesesteaks, and tex mex tuna shells.


Love to Laugh So Hard It Hurts?

If there’s one thing we all need right now, it’s a good laugh. Enjoy every comedic twist and pun with loaded potato bites. Cheddar stout phyllo shells are perfect for any feel-good classic that gets you giggling. Want something just a wee bit more refined even while enjoying all the gags? Try some marinated kalamata olives!


Got a Box of Tissues on Hand?

Gut-wrenching, emotional moments are always better with some snacks by your side. Reach for some Margherita pizza phyllo bites between sobs, baked brie bites with cranberry & prosciutto every time the music swells, and cappuccino fluff cups when you need just a bit of comfort.


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